About us

The antidote to boring burgers.

Allergic to apathy and nauseated by the norm, we’re here to free you from burger expectations, and deliver unconventional burger builds that satisfy like no other.

Burgers used to be a simple, uncomplicated pleasure that you could enjoy unapologetically.  Now, every expert in town is trying to tell you how to do burgers the “right” way.  Sorry, pal. We don’t think so.

Drips of ketchup down your face? (And your shirt. And maybe even your shoes.) We say: hell yeah. 13 different toppings spilling out all over the place? Or maybe you’re a burger purist, with a simple delicate leaf of lettuce and a swirl of mayo? Either way: Rock on, burger brethren.

At Outlaw Burger, we embrace the messy. The bold. Unexpected ingredients. Thrilling combinations. All in the name of unadulterated enjoyment. 

Outlaw Burgers is a tasty, online-only, chef-curated restaurant created by Nextbite. We partner with local restaurants that use their existing kitchens to prepare the delicious food that you want, when you want, where you want. This allows those restaurants to thrive as they serve both the customers who are dining in with their own menu and those who are ordering online with ours. Founded in 2017 by a 4th generation restaurateur, Nextbite has helped thousands of restaurants tackle the challenges of digital menus and delivery, while bringing a variety of mouthwatering cuisines to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers like you, who are hungry for what’s next.

Sink your Teeth in and experience a Better Way to Burger

Butch's Wild BBQ Burger by Outlaw BurgerFresh delicious Outlaw Burger